Creating A Stable Home (CASH)

Creating A Stable Home (CASH).

VCCDC Financial Coaching is here to help you through a balanced combination of financial education and coaching. The Creating A Stable Home (CASH) program is designed to help individuals and families increase their financial knowledge and confidence, apply that financial knowledge and establish healthy financial behaviors by reducing debt, increasing credit scores, increasing savings and increasing net worth through the purchase of high-return assets such a home, small business or post-secondary education.

Program Overview

The goal of the CASH program is a true change in behavior, leading to a lifetime of more responsible and knowledgeable financial decisions and actions. VCCDC Financial Coaching consists of goal setting, action planning, progress checking, accountability and support toward goal attainment over time. This program includes:

  • Financial education
  • Homebuyer education
  • Quarterly savings club meetings
  • One-on-one financial coaching 
  • Credit report review 

Using data collection tools, the CASH program measures changes in participants’ credit scores, savings, debt levels and net worth at the beginning and end of the program. This data collection is facilitated by the ongoing relationships between the participants and their financial coaches, and verifies that they are moving in the right direction.

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Participants & Testimonials


"I thought I had it all figured out before I started the CASH program. Even though I was stuck in a vicious cycle of pay day loan advances twice a month, maintained several checking accounts with negative balances, borrowed money from my sister and held a maxed out credit card. I thought I was at the top of my game. Go figure. I used to tell Josie (HOC Counselor/Coach) “You have to have money to save money.”

At the root of it all, I was afraid to face my ugly financial situation and the perception that I was just broke. I flat out resented my financial situation and I did not want to accept that I had no money and that it was my own fault. Not because I didn’t have the job I wanted or the economy or a man to take care of me, or a family to fix it all. I had to face my fear. Even the fear of how I might be perceived! How many of you had fears going into the CASH program? Josie made it all bearable; she was gracious the entire year, patient, knowledgeable and accommodating. Wouldn’t you all agree?

With my bills, I always paid the minimum required but I never paid myself and I could not seem to escape from paying bills late, writing overdraft protected checks and calling my sister to ask her to loan me a couple hundred dollars. It was past old, it was completely disheartening. But not only that, I realized that I was hindering my future success. I asked myself, why did I spend without thinking or checking my balance?

The answer was, I felt I owed myself that shopping spree because of the stress and the bills and the lack of full-time employment, the late nights in class, the days off playing taxi cab, the weekends going from one event to another, the days working and running from one meeting to an appointment to an errand. I didn’t get time for myself.

I am here to say that this class has helped me understand why making time for myself and saving money for that emergency or luxury is important – because I am worth it and that I must practice making healthy financial decisions, change the way I think about my financial situation and feel the fear and do it anyway. Have any of you read that book before? It is life changing.


So even though I may not have had a lot of money, I did learn: 1. to spend frugally, 2. to put a little away every month and 3. there is nothing to be afraid of because I am worth it.

I am here today to tell you that, you too-are worth it and that its okay to face your fears, it is okay to stay home over the weekend because you don’t have extra money for gas, it’s okay that you cannot afford cable, it’s okay that you must visit FoodShare so that ends can meet, it’s okay that you have to freeze your cell phone service or stop eating fast food – cold turkey. I put an end to the money drains in my life. In the end, it all paid off because now, I have no negative checking account balance, I am free of payday loans, my credit card is being paid off and now I pay myself – I have a savings account with a significant balance.

CASH taught me that I must face the harsh reality of a zero balance and an empty pocket, that there are no easy answers, that I must make healthy financial decisions whether I have enough money or not, that paying myself first is actually a benefit to everyone in my family and that in the end I will be better off for it – I am better off for it. Raise your hand if you are better off for it.

Because of the extra money I had available as a result of the program I was able to enroll in the Women’s Economic Venture Self Employment Training course and I have a significant amount of savings to put towards a down payment on a home."

Thank you,

CASH Program Participant