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Post Purchase Education & Counseling

Homeownership brings both rewards and responsibilities to new homeowners. To help you manage and understand these new responsibilities, VCCDC's Homeownership Specialists provide additional support through our workshops and one-on-one coaching for our clients who are existing homeowners. This type of education is the final step in the continuum of homebuyer support before, during and after the purchase process that VCCDC is proud to offer.

“From House To Home” Homeowner Workshops

VCCDC’s services don’t stop once you purchase your home! Keep yourself informed on the latest homeowner topics by attending our workshops. Topics covered in our Homeowner Workshops include:

  • Responsibilities as a homeowner, including property and supplemental taxes
  • Avoiding predatory lending scams, including identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Maintaining and repairing a home, including seasonal upkeep and energy conservation
  • Improving budgeting skills, maintaining a good credit file, stopping unwanted solicitation and keeping good records
  • Homeowner, life and disability insurance basics
  • Being a good neighbor and an asset to the community
  • What to do if you find yourself in trouble with your mortgage, how your mortgage lender works and what to look for if you want to refinance
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Post-Purchase Coaching

One-on-one post-purchase coaching is also encouraged to help ensure that the homeownership experience is a successful one. VCCDC's Homeownership Specialist will assist homeowners with valuable information and guidance on maintaining and preserving their home. Some of the information provided includes record keeping, budgeting, home maintenance and repairs, what to do if one falls behind on mortgage payments, and much more. Homeownership Specialists also help homeowners re-evaluate their budget and assist in creating a new spending plan to meet their needs as a homeowner.

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VCCDC was established as in 2001 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization providing homeownership opportunities to the communities of Ventura and Santa Barbra Counties. VCCDC is a HUD-approved counseling agency, a Certified Development Financial Instutition (CDF), and a mortgage broker licensed with the California Bureau of Real Estate #01521885; NMLS #347041. www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org


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