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From Renter to Homeowner - The Monreal Family's Journey

From Renter to Homeowner - The Monreal Family's Journey

"Working with VCCDC was an important part of our success as they walked us through our goal of becoming homeowners. They had all the answers for our questions, the best financial advice and amazing patience to explain how everything works."

- Lupe Monreal, VCCDC Homeowner



For Sergio and Lupe Monreal, it felt like homeownership would be out of reach for many years to come. Housing was becoming less and less affordable, and it seemed there would be no way out of their deteriorating, overcrowded rental unit. Some of the family have developed severe allergies to the relentless mold that developed around the unit. As their three children grew older, they started to comment on their surroundings and see that they were not in a 'home' like their friends; they were seeing their poor living conditions in a new light. Sergio, their father, describes "I felt weak, like I'd failed as a father and didn't give them a better place to live".


VCCDC aims to give people 'a new way home', something the Monreal family have now experienced firsthand. For over a year, they participated in VCCDC classes and counseling, and last month they finally closed on their own 3-bedroom home in Oxnard, thanks to a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Their mortgage is actually less than what they paid for their mold-infested apartment. Ashlee, their 12-year-old daughter, finally has her own space and no longer shares a bedroom with her two brothers. Their joy is undeniable and just a few moments with them will reveal that their lives, especially those of their children, are forever changed.


Congratulations, Monreal family! We wish you the very best as you start your new lives as homeowners.



"For our kids, this home will be the space where they’re going to develop their greatest wishes, their dreams, and it will be the place where they are going to hide when I ask them to clean the kitchen."

- Lupe Monreal, VCCDC Homeowner

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