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Congratulations to our 2015 CASH Graduates!

Since its inception in 2011, the Creating A Stable Home (CASH) Financial Coaching Program has been able to assist its participants increase their financial knowledge and confidence, apply that financial knowledge and establish healthy financial behaviors by reducing debt, increasing credit scores, increasing savings and increasing net worth through the purchase of high-return assets such a home, small business or post-secondary education.  VCCDC recently celebrated the graduation of its fourth CASH class with a ceremony where we enjoyed good food, music, and inspiring stories The fourth graduating CASH class was small but MIGHTY! During the 12 month program the twelve graduates were able to drastically improve credit scores, increase savings, and reduce debt. Through their hard work and with the assistance of VCCDC's Financial Coach, Gabriela Santana, the 2015 graduates were able to:
  • Reduce debt by more than $33,000
  • Increase savings by more than $66,000
  • 63% of the graduates were able to increase their credit scores, with 180 points the highest single increase
  • 82% of the graduates increased their income helping them to meet their savings and debt reduction goals
When ask how VCCDC's CASH program has made a difference in their lives, our graduates responded: "I am a single mother of 3 and I have always played it safe to create a stable environment for me and my family. But this program has taught me to think bigger and outside the box and that I can make real change in my life." "The CASH Program has helped realize that my goal of homeownership is close and attainable. It has also helped keep me on track of my savings". "It provided me a live sounding board for my fears, concerns, and misconceptions regarding credit and its effect o my long term goals." "This class gave us the confidence to save what we can and set realistic goals. For the first time in my life I am not worried daily about money and we are sticking to our savings goals! I also gained confidence to live my life and follow my passion by going back to school for my Master's degree in Psychology." "VCCDC gives people a lot of the resources they need to understand debt, savings, and how to be smart with the money they have. I've gained tremendous knowledge and confidence to move forward with my financial goals!" "I was able to save $16,000 in the course of the CASH class. This is a great beginning towards my goal of retirement." VCCDC warmly congratulates the 2015 CASH Financial Coaching Program Graduates! We wish you much happiness and success in everything that you do! [gallery ids="2595,2598,2602,2608,2597,2599,2600,2601,2607,2606,2605,2604,2609,2603,2610,2611,2613,2612,2615,2596,2617"]
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